Elf bar pi9000 Review Is The Ultimate Vaping Experience

elfbar pi9000 Review

Elf bar pi9000 review can offer you the best vaping experience only if you can get the authentic product from a trusted place. This product is packed with excellent features; it has a long-lasting battery backup, it has high building quality, and what else do you want?

In this article, we’ll share the honest Elfbar 9000 puffs so you can double-check your trust issues and confusing points before purchasing the e-cigarette.

We’re in the process of tasting the most popular e-cigarettes on the market, and ELF bar is one of the best brands, so why miss it? We tested the products, collected other users’ reviews, and researched the ins and outs of the products, so you don’t have to waste time doing all these.

Now, let’s dive right in!

Detailed of The ELF Bar Pi9000 Review

Puff bars are becoming more popular because of their unique features, compact size, and convenient uses. Here, we will share our opinion about the bars, so let’s see what they offer you.

Product Quality and Design

Elf bar pi9000 review


EBDesign designed the Pi9000, and initially, it was created for South Asian vapers. It turns out that the high build quality and incredible features of the bar made it a global product.

When we first unboxed the Pi9000, we loved the mini-pillow appearance. There’s a translucent tip on the bar that offers an aesthetic appeal and allows you to check the condensation levels whenever needed.

Although the Pi9000 is a disposable device, it’s not built from cheap or flimsy material. The solid construction of the product attracts global attention.

This e-cigarette comes with a puff activation mechanism, which allows you to have simple, button-free settings. So, you can just activate the heating element by taking a puff on the bar, and it’s enough to produce vapour.

This simple product design suits novice vapers or anyone who wants to enjoy an effortless vaping experience. Another feature we loved about the product is it’s lightweight and easy to carry. You can easily take it in your pocket without feeling bulky. So, overall, the rating for the product quality and design of the Pi9000 is 9/10.

Features and Vaping Performance

The excellent elf bar pi9000 review puff capacity is another notable feature that got our attention. The high puff ability ensures that vapers enjoy a long-lasting vaping experience without having to refill the bar continually.

Therefore, people who love a hassle-free vaping option become fans of this e-cigarette. Here are the key features of the device:

  • Impressive 9000 puff capacity
  • USB-C Port
  • Dual LED indicators
  • 19ml Pre-Filled Vape Juice
  • Liquid and Battery Indicators
  • Rechargeable 650mAh Battery
  • Mesh coil for getting a perfect flavour profile
  • 4%(40mg) / 5%(50mg) Nicotine salt to get a satisfying throat hit
  • Draw an activation mechanism for getting the right amount of existence

There’s an airflow sensor in the draw-activated vape, which is located within the puff bar’s airflow path. During your inhalation through the mouthpiece, the sensor detects the change in airflow, and it initiates the activation mechanism in the device. 

After that, through the processes of power delivery and vaporization, the right amount of vapour is supplied to your mouth through the mouthpiece. Also, a built-in safety feature allows the automatic shutoff timers to be operated. The timers help to conserve battery life by preventing the overheating of the coil.

With the Quaq technology mesh coil integration, you can get a delightful vaping experience. It’s because the mesh coil ensures rich and smooth vapour production that enhances the flavour and offers a satisfying throat hit.

Battery Life

There are dual LED indicators in the Elf Bar pi9000 Review. The first one helps to show you the remaining E-liquid so you can be aware of how many vaping sessions you’re going to make. And the second one displays the battery life, which informs you when it’s time to recharge.

The built-in battery of the device allows fast charging, and now let me tell you how amazing the battery backup is. I charged the device in the morning, and it was still yellow in the evening (I kept the device busy throughout the day!).

  • When the indicator is green, it means that there is 100%-50% E-liquid present.
  • If it’s yellow, the remaining E-liquid is 50%-5%.
  • If the indicator shows a red light, there is Less than 5% E-liquid in the bar.

To check the battery life, follow these steps:

  • When the indicator shows a green light, the battery has a 100%-60% charge.
  • When it’s yellow, the battery has 60%-20% charge.
  • And, when it shows a red light, the charge is less than 20%.

 You can use this convenience puff bar for daily use.

Multiple Flavor Options

The wide range of flavour options of the Pi9000 makes it more popular for global vapers. You can customize different preferences by choosing options like watermelon, Burberry, alow grape, etc. Here are the details.

  •       Blackcurrant juice: The juice of zingy blackcurrants offers an excellent taste with a simple and delightful vaping experience.
  •     Aloe grape: Aloe vera always adds more freshness and juiciness to the flavour background. You can even combine aloe vera and grape to unlock new flavours.
  •     Lychee Ice: The Lychee ice flavour comes with an incredible capability to satisfy your thirst and make you happy anytime. The sweet-tasting tropical lychee with crystal clear density will make you relaxed and calm.
  •     Peach and mango watermelon: The peach and mango watermelon juice is all about having sweet mango, juice peach, and watermelon in one package, ensuring perfect harmony among them. This flavour is super popular for giving vapers a refreshing feeling.
  •     Yakult ice: This flavour is motivated by a Japanese probiotic drink. People who love a tangy taste instead of sweet will love this flavour. It’s healthy and delicious, which makes it a perfect companion for the whole day.


And there are many more flavours, such as strawberry ice cream, ELF bull, lime cactus, coconut water, juice peach, triple mango, strawberry mango, and many more.

Pros and Cons of Elf Bar Pi9000 review

By now, you already know the key features and details of the Pi9000 and this time, we’ll share the overall benefits and drawbacks you can get from the device.


  • Since the Pi9000 is a disposable device, it offers convenience.
  • The Pi9000 offers multiple flavour options.
  • The built-in 19ml juice supports 9000 puffs.
  • There are 2 LED indicator lights.
  • The rich steam output offers an excellent vaping experience.


  • Since it’s a high-puff device (9000 Puffs), the 650mAh battery seems small
  • A bit higher price (although the money will be worth it).
Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Get elf bar pi9000 review in Dubai?

There are different options, but vapedazzle. co is one of the best vape shops that will satisfy you. The shop has been selling high-quality products for many years, and you can get all the products at an affordable price there. So, don’t hesitate to contact them anytime for Dubai’s most pleasing potential vaping experience.

What’s The ELF Bar Pi 9000 Best Flavour?

There is a wide range of flavours when it comes to the Pi9000. For this, it’s difficult to choose one flavour as best. However, the most popular and most-loved flavour is strawberry flavour. You’ll get a fantastic strawberry-based taste with a feeling of sweet cream added to the mix.

Does Fake elf bar pi9000Taste Different?

Yes, fake Pi9000 taste and smell different. You’ll easily detect a fake Elf Bar because it usually has a highly bitter and rugged taste, which is completely opposite to the authentic product.

Last Thoughts

Since you made it this far in our post, we’re sure that you’ve got to know everything about the elf bar pi9000 review.

This is one of our most-loved products because it serves a lot of excellent features that all the vapers look for. From the high-quality construction to the most excellent features, the ELF bar will never disappoint with its uniqueness. Go get yours now and enjoy vaping!

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