HEETS are a type of designed tobacco sticks created to use with IQOS, a tobacco heating system. Philip Morris International (PMI) created this heating system. The name “HEETS” stands for “HeatSticks.” For smokers looking for an alternative nicotine delivery route. These sticks aim to replace regular cigarettes.

Heets Dubai:

These sticks grow from tobacco that has been processed and compacted before being cut into a little stick shape.. Unlike traditional cigarettes, which burn tobacco to produce smoke. IQOS heats the sticks to a controlled temperature that generates a nicotine-containing aerosol. This aerosol is then inhaled by the user, offering a smoking-like experience without combustion. And also producing less smoke and odor compared to conventional cigarettes.
It’s important to note that while IQOS and sticks are less harmful, alternatives to smoking traditional cigarettes. Yet, they are not risk-free. The long-term health effects of using heated tobacco products like IQOS with HEETS are still under investigation. They may not be suitable for non-smokers or individuals who have quit smoking altogether.

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