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JUUL Vape Dubai products, an American vaping brand, are highly popular among worldwide vapers for their exclusive features and facilities. It is now a prominent alternative to traditional cigarettes. This can be your favorite brand as it differentiates itself with its exclusive nicotine salt e-liquid blend enclosed in disposable pods, which are exclusively compatible with their device. The device itself lacks buttons or switches. Instead, it will amaze you by having the facility of an integrated motion sensor to monitor battery life, activated with a simple tap from the side. The e-juice pods contain a standardized 0.7ml cartridge with a nicotine strength of 1.8% by weight. So, let’s check out what more you can get from this.

JUUL Vape in Dubai: Exclusivity of the Brand

This section is designated to educate you about the brand if you are not familiar with it. In 2015, JUUL Vapes were produced under the brand named “Pax Labs.” But, in 2017, two Labs started its journey as an independent entity with a main product of a singular e-cigarette model. 

Their mission was clear: offering a straightforward, user-friendly, and nicotine-containing vapor solution for smokers seeking an alternative to traditional cigarettes. The company’s main goal is to make people get rid of regular cigarettes. 

Also, they put effort so that people who’ve never used nicotine don’t start. To prevent young people from using this brand’s products, the company took extra steps and used advanced security measures. 

However, mastering the production of nicotine salt e-liquids allowed them to reach the highest level of popularity swiftly. Following its triumphant reign in the United States, JUUL Vape Dubai made its debut in the UK in July 2018, where it has continued to provide uncomplicated vaping solutions to UK enthusiasts. However, its products are now available in UAE, Abu Dhabi, the UK, Canada, Israel, the Philippines, Indonesia, etc.

Products of JUUL Vape UAE

At present, this brand is selling products like JUUL Pods, JUUL Starter Kits & Device Kits, and JUUL Charger & Accessories.


JUUL Pods Dubai serves as refill cartridges for the JUUL Starter Kit and JUUL UAE Device Dubai. These pre-filled liquid cartridges are disposable and are available in various flavors. 

You have two options for this pod: packs of 4 or packs of 2 pods each. These pods are generally leak-resistant and impact-resistant. You must know the below must-mention points about this product; it will help you in deciding on this product.

  • The range of flavors offered by the brand. JUUL flavors include Mango, Virginia Tobacco, Classic Tobacco, Fruit, Mint, Menthol, and Cucumber. 
  • Each pod flavor contains 0.7ml of vape liquid with a nicotine strength of 1.8% by weight. 
  • It’s essential to note that these products contain nicotine, a highly addictive substance, and are not suitable for non-smokers.
  • JUUL disposable vape is an exclusive item: it’s a one-time use and highly durable.

JUUL Starter Kits & Device Kits

This brand is beside you in your search for kits. The JUUL Starter Kit comprises the JUUL Device, a JUUL charger, and either four or two flavor pods. It has gained popularity as a viable alternative to traditional cigarettes and is exclusively intended for adult smokers. Below are some crucial points about this product which will amaze you:

  • Each pre-filled liquid pod contains 0.7ml of e-liquid with a 1.8% nicotine strength by weight. 
  • JUUL Vape Dubai Stop extends a warranty on all its products, including the Starter Kits and Device Kits. 
  • This product delivers a mouth-to-lung inhalation experience and features a sensor-sensitive battery indicator. In this way, it becomes visible when the device is tapped twice on the side.

JUUL Charger& Accessories

The charger is a small and magnetically-enabled charging tool. It is a proven crucial tool for you if you are a regular vaper. Its competitive advantages are capable of making your vaping experience a dreamy matter. It is well known for its simplicity and portability. Charging your device from this brand is as straightforward as plugging it into the charger. 

The chargers are provided directly by the company. In addition to chargers, it offers a range of accessories, including skins, wraps, and cases. Here, we must mention that some of these skins and wraps not only catch the eye with their designs but also offer protective benefits for the JUUL UAE device.

Why Purchase JUUL Vape Products In Dubai

We are sure that your mind is asking why go for this brand’s items. The highlighting points below are adequate to answer your question. 

  • The JUUL Dubai kit and pod from this brand are user-friendly and straightforward.
  • They have a good collection of flavors.
  • It’s sleek and inconspicuous, making it less obvious than traditional cigarettes.
  • The juul Pods dubai from the company come with various nicotine strengths.
  • The products are exclusively designed, which makes vaping a less harmful alternative to smoking.
  • The devices have cool features like motion sensors.
  • You can make your device look unique with skins and wraps.
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