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VGOD is a famous brand in the vaping industry. It started out in 2013 by a group of vaping enthusiasts. The company is based in Southern California, USA. VGOD gained popularity for its focus on creating high-quality vaping products with a distinct and stylish aesthetic.

The brand initially became renowned for its trick competitions and cloud-chasing events, which helped them gain a strong following among the vaping community. Over time, VGOD expanded its product lineup to include a variety of devices and e-liquids. 

Vaporesso Vape Features:

  1. Vape Devices: VGOD offers a range of vape devices, including vape pens, mechanical mods, and pod systems. Their devices are usually built with both aesthetics and performance in mind, making them appealing to both new and veteran vapers.
  2. E-Liquids: VGOD produces a selection of e-liquids with various flavor profiles, including fruit, dessert, and tobacco blends. Their e-liquids are prominent for their high-quality ingredients and smooth vaping experience.
  3. Trick Competition and Tricksters: It continues to have a strong presence in the tricking and cloud-chasing community. They promote trick competitions and sponsor talented tricksters who showcase their skills in vape-related events.

VGOD has managed to build a dedicated fan base due to its commitment to quality, innovation, and community engagement. Their products frequently have to do with large clouds and spectacular pranks, making them notorious among cloud aficionados and tricksters.