Which Disposable Vape is Best Between Myle or Juul

There’s bound to be some hardcore competition when things come down to the absolute best. Today I am going to talk about the two most hyped products in the vaping community. It is about the god of pod systems, Myle or Juul. When it came down to quitting cigarettes pods are the first step, to begin with. There has always been confusion about which one to pick, between Juul or Myle. I am here to help you out with your decision, Let’s dig in a bit and see what they have to offer us.


Design: Aesthetics That Impress


Juul Pod System’s Physical Design:

The Juul pod system boasts a sleek and fashionable design that fits comfortably in your hand. Made of lightweight aluminum alloy, it has smooth, rounded ends that give it a modern look. The device features a beautiful LED light, a rechargeable battery with improved temperature control, and a convenient magnetic link for easy attachment and removal. Its small mouthpiece ensures an enjoyable puffing experience, blending portability with style effortlessly.

myle or juul


Myle Pod’s Physical Design:

Myle pods sport a sleek metallic body with curved edges, making them easy to hold. They feature a user-friendly draw-activated mechanism, eliminating any hassle. The pods also come with a transparent window that allows you to keep track of the liquid level. With Myle, you’ll experience both style and convenience, living life in the fast lane.

Juul or Myle 


Functionality: The Heart of the Experience of  Juul or Myle


Juul Vape Functionality:

While Juul’s minimal design may make functionality seem compromised, it remains an intuitive device. Some users find the battery life indicator a bit tricky to understand, but overall, it performs admirably.


Myle Vape Functionality:

Similar to Juul, Myle also offers a straightforward design, yet it feels more intuitive. It features four points to indicate battery life, a more precise method compared to Juul’s indicator. Additionally, Myle’s larger window for measuring e-juice levels outshines Juul’s in this regard.


Battery Life: Power to Keep You Going


Juul Vaping Device Battery:

Juul comes equipped with a 200 mAh battery that can be easily recharged using the provided cable. It is recommended to avoid fast charging ports for optimal results.


Myle Vaping Device Battery:

Myle boasts a more substantial 240 mAh battery, providing at least an extra hour of usage compared to Juul.


Number of Puffs: Clouds Galore


Both Myle or Juul delivers an impressive puffing experience akin to turbocharged fog machines. Juul pods offer approximately 200 puffs per pod, while Myle takes it a step further with an astonishing 240 puffs per pod. With these devices, you’ll have more clouds than even a unicorn could dream of.


Vape Juice and Flavors: Catering to Your Tastes


Choosing between Myle or Juul becomes challenging when it comes to vape juice and flavors. Myle offers a wide range of choices that are sure to please everyone, from cool mint to sweet fruit. On the other hand, Juul is known for its standard flavors like tobacco and menthol, which have stood the test of time. Myle is more adventurous in its flavor offerings, while Juul sticks to the tried and true. Ultimately, it depends on whether you prefer exploring new tastes or sticking with familiar ones.


Salt Nic Options: Flavorful Vibes


Both Myle vs Juul provides flavorful salt nicotine options, each with its own unique vibe. Myle boasts a collection of fruity drinks like Mango Madness and Berry Bliss, offering a fun and sassy experience reminiscent of a trip to the tropics. Juul, on the other hand, offers a more refined lineup with flavors like cool mint and Virginia tobacco, catering to those seeking a sophisticated experience. Myle only offers a 5% nicotine option, whereas Juul provides three variants: 5%, 3%, and 1.6%.


Leakage Reviews: Taming the Drips


Having used both Myle and Juul, I can attest that they have different leakage records. Myle has proven to be a reliable companion, rarely experiencing leaks. In contrast, Juul has gained a reputation for occasional leaking mishaps. Myle’s sleek design and dependable pods have kept me puffing happily, while Juul has occasionally left me with surprise wet pockets.


Longevity: The Path Traveled


Considering the longevity of Myle and Juul, it becomes evident that they have taken different paths. Juul, while initially successful, faced legal battles and controversies that raised concerns about its future. Myle, on the other hand, is a newer brand that has shown resilience and is steadily growing its market share.


Price: Balancing Cost and Quality


In the vaping industry, some companies prioritize device sales while keeping pod prices low. Juul offers affordable devices starting at $49, whereas Myle devices start at $69. Surprisingly, a pack of four Myle pods costs $36, while the equivalent for Juul costs $44 or more. After trying both, I found Myle to be the more cost-effective option, and this is just the beginning.

Comparison Table:






Full metal (aluminium) body 

Metal body with a transparent window 


Less functional 

More functional

Battery Life

200 mAh 

240 mAh 

Number of Puffs

200 per pod 

240 per pod 

Vape Juice and flavours

More range in flavours 

Best tasting flavours 

Salt Nic Options

Three nicotine variants

One nicotine variant 


More likely to leak 

Less likely to leak 


Has a lesser shelf life 

Lasts longer 


$49.00 – $69.00

$36.00 – $44.00 


Final Thoughts: Personal Preferences


Personally, I lean towards Myle because it is a budget-friendly pod system with an extensive flavor range. It allows me to explore new tastes without breaking the bank. However, Juul offers an amazing experience with its strong flavors and minimalistic design. If you appreciate a refined experience and robust flavors, Juul may be the perfect fit for you.


Now it’s your turn to decide which option suits you best. Choose your pod system and get ready to soar among the clouds!



Where can I buy myle or Juul pods?

You can find the best devices at  VAPEDAZZLE.CO


Is Myle or Juul healthier than disposable vapes?

Compared to disposable vapes, pod devices like Myle or Juul are considered healthier as they contain less sugar and nicotine.


Can you refill Juul pods?

Yes, Juul pods are refillable, allowing you to reuse them. However, it is advised not to mix two flavors at the same time.


Is Myle safe in terms of portability?

Myle pods have an excellent track record of no leakage scenarios, making them great for carrying around without the risk of surprise wet pockets.


How many puffs does a Juul pod have?

Each Juul pod can provide up to 200 puffs.


What are the manufacturing countries for Juul vs Myle?

Juul is a vape maker company based in China, while Myle has various manufacturers, including China.”

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