In-depth Uwell Caliburn review

The Uwell Caliburn Review takes an in-depth dive into the popular vape. The Uwell brand is one of the most popular refillable pods which includes various features. And Caliburn is the first-ever pod by the vape brand. It is best known for its sub-ohm tanks and they are bringing vape pens recently making the device very popular.

Caliburn Vape just added a pod system to their line and it has 2ml <ahref=””>refillable pods which contain 1.4ohm coils. The Caliburn pod is a top-filling system device that also has a dual firing system. It is well-built and offers a draw activation and push button activation system. Here we define Uwell Caliburn review:

The best Uwell Caliburn Review

  • Design and Quality

 A big reason for choosing Uwell vape pods so much is their design and quality. It looks simple but is pleasant to hold. The size of the Caliburn is 110mm × 21mm × 12mm. It is tall and slim so you can carry it with you. 

You can carry the device in your pant pocket, shirt pocket, purse, and bag. When you are carrying the pod you cannot feel anything. Mades the pods aluminum alloy that makes the device lightweight.

Uwell Caliburn review

  • Manufacturing Quality of Uwell Caliburn

The Caliburn shares the same quality of aluminum chassis as the Juul. There are most available features but one of the main is its dual firing mechanism. Having the luxury of a firing system it is unique in the vape industry.

 Firing the device via the draw activate or physical activate and the button is located on the side of the device. You can not feel any symptoms that you feel the low-quality buttons. The magnetic assembly offers a comfortable mouthfeel with the mouthpiece which comes apart from the base of the device.

  • Flavor Quality

Caliburn vape is the first foray into the vaping world. The flavor and vapor production maintain their quality to ensure user safety and get a better experience. It does an excellent job of matching their performance with the Juul. 

There are different kinds of flavor options so you can choose any one which is preferable to you. The hardest thing to get is of lack of flavour in a large capacity in the pods. The Uwell Caliburn vape pods Offer you various exceptional flavors that will provide an excellent vaping experience.

  • Performance

The Caliburn and Caliburn Koko pods both give you the same draw. In every puff you get a nice throat hit with a 50mh nicotine salt. The vape is warm but not very hot. You can enjoy it for a long time.

 It gives you high-quality performance. I regularly long a long puff of hit and it is really good and a non-issue. If you taste its e-liquid you also provide a Uwell Caliburn review.

  • Battery quality

Thanks to its larger battery capacity. Feature with 520mAh built-in battery it is very special. Battery life is the main factor because it plays a vital role in the long run. So when you are buying any vape you are keeping an eye for its battery life. Caliburn’s Battery performance is impressive. If you are likely to face any issue in the field which is its output wattage that is 11W. The pods offer you full day-long vaping.

Which Uwell Caliburn is best?

There are numerous vapes available in the Uwell brand. But the best  Caliburn pod is Caliburn G2. However, it fully depends on how you need exactly. The family has a total of eight vapes all of the pods vape. For a long time, it was the only vape pen which has a higher output wattage. 

Vapers are reported to be able to few pods of juice without needing any charge. The Caliburn Vapes Device is ideal for those people who are a little while sinking to upgrade their starter kit. It features adjusting airflow and two types of coil options. So you can select your preferences Also you can select Mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung vaping options.

How to fill Uwell Caliburn?

 First, you are to ensure the device is in good condition and turn off. Then remove the battery part of the pod. Access the fill pods which are located on the top. Carefully remove the rubber and using a needle trip bottle, insert the tip into the fill port mouth. Slowly fill the e-liquid in the pod. Leave a small gap to prevent flooding the coil. Then retouch the battery part and activate the pod.

We hope you are reading the Uwell Caliburn review article and understand why it is the best option. Thanks for reading.

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