Are Vapes Legal In Dubai? Understanding the Legality of Vapes

Are Vapes Legal In Dubai? Although Dubai attracts many tourists yearly because of its famous sights, fantastic shopping festivals, fancy hotels, and glittering skylines, this city-state has unique rules and regulations for everyone. If you’re into vaping and planning to visit Dubai, you may ask whether vapes are legal  Dubai.

Yes, vapes are legal United Arab Emirates, but there are some rules and regulations that every vaper must follow. For example, you can bring a vape to Dubai and enjoy it in your hotel room, in your own home, in vape cafes, and in designated smoking areas only. Vaping in public places is not legal in Dubai.

This is a partial picture, though. Let’s keep reading to know more about vaping in Dubai. We’ll share exclusive tips to make your vaping journey easier in Dubai.

Are Vapes Legal In Dubai? What Are The Rules And Regulations?

Vapes are legal in Dubai as long as you’re not violating the pre-set rules and regulations regarding vaping in Dubai. Dubai is one of those countries that are conscious of the health conditions of consuming tobacco products. But as long as you’re vaping by maintaining the restrictions, you’re good to go.

Nasseem Mohammad Rafie is the acting Director at Dubai Municipality (the Health and Safety Department), and he announced that the Municipality always monitors vaping rules violations in public areas.

According to the National news, vaping in public areas is not legal, and you have to pay up to Dh2,000 (USD 5,445.21). And, if you smoke in public areas, the fine will be Dh1,000. Let’s focus on the words ‘public areas’. The fact is if you vape in the designated smoking areas, vape cafes, and lounges in Dubai, there’s nothing to worry about. 

Another factor that makes vaping illegal in Dubai (to some extent) is age. According to the UAE law, vaping or any kind of e-cigarette is illegal for minors (under the age of 21).

It is worth noting that although all vapes are not illegal in Dubai, vapes containing CBD or any kind of flavour that tastes like tobacco are illegal there. So, you can purchase vapes that come without nicotine only.

What Locations in Dubai Allow Vaping?

By now, you’ve got to know that vaping isn’t illegal in Dubai, but you can vape under some strict rules and regulations. Here are some places that are okay and safe to vape.

Vape Cafes and Lounges

Yes, there are a huge number of vape shops, cafes, and lounges in Dubai where you can enjoy vaping. Not only this, but also you can find like-minded people there, socialize with them, and enjoy your evening.

If you’re new to Dubai and haven’t explored a lot, you can visit Vapedazzle co, Vape Lounge Dubai, or Vpdazzle!

Designated Smoking Areas

If you don’t have the age limit and your vape is CBD-free, you can enjoy vaping in any designated vaping area. You’ll find such a place by noticing the marked symbols or signs on the buildings that clearly indicate their purpose.

Your Own Home or Hotel Room

You can enjoy vaping inside your home any time; the authority is okay with it. About staying in hotels, you can smoke or vape inside your own room only. However, vaping randomly in public areas is not permitted.

However, some hotels have designated smoking areas on their terrace or swimming pools. So, you need to ensure this flexibility in the hotel you’re checked in.

Can You Vape At The Popular Sights or On The Street In Dubai?

Dubai has amazing sights and attractions (e.g. Miracle Garden, Dubai Frame, and the most extraordinary Burj Khalifa!). But can you vape at such companies? Well, no, smoking or vaping is illegal inside the sights. 

Still, you can vape near the places. There are designated smoking areas outside the sights (e.g., the square at the Burj Khalifa’s foot offers ashtrays) where you can enjoy your vape.

Regarding vaping on the street in Dubai, it’s not recommended to vape in such a public place. Also, vaping isn’t legal in most malls in Dubai. So, try not to vape in malls if you haven’t discovered a designated smoking area there.

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