Can You Vape In Dubai Mall? What You Need to Know

can you vape in Dubai Mall?, Since Dubai is one of the strictest places in the world when it comes to smoking, vaping, LGBTQ, and other stuff, it’s normal to have questions like, can you vape in Dubai Mall?

The direct answer is, no, you can’t. Dubai Mall is a public place, and you cannot vape or smoke in any public area according to the public smoking law of Dubai Municipality. If you’re spotted vaping or smoking in an open place, you’ll be fined up to $136.

But don’t worry, as we are going to discuss where you can vape or smoke in Dubai. Stay with us to disclose all the related questions.

An Overview of The Rules and Regulations About Vaping in Dubai

Vaping is not illegal in Dubai, but there are strict rules and regulations you must follow. In recent times, Dubai has allowed vaping and imported vaping in this country. Before that, vaping, selling, or buying vapes and e-cigarettes were not allowed. Why?

The negative impacts of smoking or vaping were one of the major concerns, but in 2019, the UAE turned in a different direction, and the government made the sale of vaping devices and e-cigarettes legal. The biggest motivation for this decision was to find an alternative to traditional nicotine products and reduce smoking rates.

Since vaping isn’t as harmful as smoking, the UAE government wanted to switch smokers to vapers, so the danger is at least a bit less than smoking.

However, vaping isn’t entirely risk-free, so there are still strict restrictions about vaping in public places or around children.

Are You Allowed to Vape In Dubai Mall?

No, vaping is not allowed in Dubail Mall, according to the announcement of Dubai Municipality. Smoking in the Dubai Mall’s entrances is against the public smoking laws of the UAE. If you’re caught vaping or smoking near or inside the Dubai Mall’s entrance, you’ll need to pay 2,000 Dirham as a fine.

So, if you want to avoid such unnecessary mess-ups, it’s better to change the spot when you want to vape.I mean, if you struggle to resist vaping there, find a parking lot and see if there’s an outdoor smoking bin. Yes, there are outdoor smoking bins where a lot of smokers gather to vape or smoke. How far the smoking area is usually from the entrances?

A minimum of 25 feet away. You should maintain this distance from not only the entrances but also the ventilation and exists because it’s suggested according to Duba Municipality. Don’t worry; there are fireproof ashtrays and a fire extinguisher to ensure safety.

And where else can’t you vape or smoke in Dubai? Vaping or smoking e-cigarettes is prohibited in any kind of public place, including governmental buildings, airports, rental cars, hospitals, schools, and streets.

The director of the Public Health and Safety Department of the Dubai Municipality (Redha Salman) stated that the security officers can complain to the police against people who repeatedly make the same mistakes regarding vaping in public areas.

Religious places like mosques or churches are also sensitive places, and you can’t vape or smoke around there.

Where Can You Vape In Dubai Mall?

Unfortunately, there are no designated smoking areas in Dubai Mall. Public areas such as malls, streets, and restaurants have strict rules against vaping. But you can easily find some designated hotels, Shisha cafes, or Hookah bars where you can enjoy vaping. If you’re above 18 years old, you can smoke or vape in the designated smoking areas because it’s legal.

You can smoke in your own home or private car as these things are your law. You can vape e-cigarettes or smoke cigarettes as long as you don’t bother others. But, yes, there’s a but. If there’s a child under 12 years old is present around you in the car, and you’re caught, you have to pay for it.


What’s The Legal Age for Someone to Vape In Dubai?

The age limit is 18 years old. One cannot buy or sell tobacco products if the person’s age is not above 18 years. Such personas can not smoke as well. If someone under 18 years old is caught vaping or smoking, there will be a fine for it.

What If You Vape on A Balcony In Dubai?

Well, that’s up to the rules and regulations of which building you are in. Talk with the community about it because the policies vary according to the community. You’ll find some buildings and communities that are okay with vaping or smoking on balconies. So, just be clear from the homeowner or the building management before you head into the place.

Is There Any Vape Shop In Dubai Mall?

Of course, there are several vape shops in Dubai Mall after the legalization in 2009. Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other major cities have vape shops where you can buy high-quality vaping devices. Vapedazzle is one of the most renowned vape shops in Dubai Mall. You can check it out to have the best vaping experience. 

Last Thoughts

That’s all for today. We hope that we have answered all of your questions related to vaping in Dubai Mall. Dubai Government is highly concerned about the health dangers and the social dilemmas related to vaping in public places. For this, there are some strict rules and regulations that both the emirates and foreigners must follow. 

Just make sure that you’re not vaping in a public place like Dubai Mall or elsewhere, and you shouldn’t experience anything bad. Find designated smoking areas to enjoy your vape anytime!

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